Renewables and the new millennium

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first edition of the CADDET Renewable Energy Newsletter to be published in the new millennium. It is a way of showing a wider audience that, from the very beginning of this millennium, renewables mean business and that we have a job to do.

Last year, in line with the liberalisation of the electricity market in the European Union, the Danish Parliament entered into an agreement on comprehensive electricity reform. Part of the agreement concerns power produced from renewable energy sources. A competition-based green market will be introduced in order to double the share of electricity generated from renewables from 10% in 1998 to 20% by 2003, as one of the articles in this Newsletter explains.

Such an attractive market for renewable energy can serve as a basis for increasing mass production of equipment and services, as well as for technical standardisation. As a result, the present price level of renewables can be reduced, making renewable energy technologies gradually more cost-effective. This has already been demonstrated in the manufacture of wind turbines, which is becoming more and more widespread, especially in Europe.

Worldwide, the exchange of information regarding successful results and the transfer of technology and know-how are playing a key role in promoting the use of renewable energy.

It is crucial, then, for the Danish Energy Agency both to continue to share Danish experiences of renewable energy with countries and organisations all over the world, and to profit from lessons learned elsewhere.

In this context, CADDET dissemination products represent an important tool that can help us in our common efforts to realise a sustainable energy future. The products comprise a unique collection of independent in-depth information on successful renewable energy demonstration projects in CADDET member countries.

Finally, with more than 10 years of successful CADDET operation behind us, the Danish Energy Agency welcomes current initiatives to streamline CADDET and EETIC co-operation. This will enable us to respond to the challenges presented by the new millennium.

Peter Helmer Steen
Deputy Director
Danish Energy Agency
Ministry of Environment and Energy