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Global meteorological database for solar energy
METEONORM V3.0 (1997 edition) is a comprehensive meteorological reference incorporating a catalogue of data for solar applications at any location in the world. The main features are:

  • 626 meteorological stations and 359 cities world-wide;
  • interpolation model of solar radiation and additional parameters for any site in the world;
  • hourly data generation for DOE and other simulation models;
  • calculation of radiation for inclined surfaces;
  • effects of high horizons considered;
  • 26 global maps of monthly and annual means of global radiation and temperature in high-quality, printable eps format;
  • English, French, German and Italian languages supported.

The tool is delivered on a CD-ROM priced at CHF 500 (where CHF is the Swiss franc). To update from earlier versions costs CHF 300.

To order, or for more information contact the CADDET Swiss National Team in Aarau.

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