Renewable Energy Information

What is CADDET Renewable Energy?

The CADDET programme was first set up in 1988, within an Agreement of the International Energy Agency (IEA), to promote the international exchange of information on energy-efficient technologies. In April 1993, the Agreement was extended to cover the full field of renewable energy technologies. The Agreement was further extended in 1997 to include the GREENTIE programme, covering technologies which mitigate the emission of greenhouse gases. The Agreement is known as the IEA Energy and Environmental Technologies Information Centres.


CADDET Renewable Energy gathers information on full-scale commercial projects which are operating in the member countries, currently Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and the European Commission (DGXVII - Energy). The CADDET programme covers the full range of renewable energy technologies.

CADDET Products

Information from CADDET Renewable Energy is made available through four main products:

  1. The Renewable Energy Register - a database of demonstrated renewable energy projects. Each entry includes a technical description of the project, economic, environmental and performance data, publication references and contacts for further information. The database may be accessed (free of charge) through this website.
  2. Renewable Energy Newsletter - a quarterly Newsletter containing the latest information on renewable energy technologies around the world, highlighting news items, national renewable energy policies, individual projects and the latest developments. The contents are provided by the member countries and include details of current CADDET products. Printed copies of the Newsletter are available on subscription and recent issues are included on this website.
  3. Technical Brochures -  case studies of projects selected from the CADDET Renewable Energy Register. These brochure expands on the data available in the Register and include photographs and diagrams of the installations and contact details for further information. The brochures are available in portable document format (PDF) format on this Web site. To read PDF you will require an Adobe Acrobat reader
  4. Reviews - the added-value of the CADDET Renewable Energy operation is that studies are conducted into various aspects of the deployment of renewable energy projects. These are carried out by experts in the field and are called Mini-Reviews or Reviews.
  5. Please send any comments to CADDET Renewable Energy