IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Annual Report 1996
1997; English

This is the fourth annual report of the IEA collaboration programme on photovoltaic power systems. Twenty countries are participating in the programme, working in six task areas: information exchange; operational performance and design of PV systems; stand-alone and island applications; design and grid interconnection of building-integrated and other dispersed systems; modular PV plants for large-scale power generation; and PV in the built environment. This publication gives status reports on each of these tasks and includes a feature article on "Building with Photovoltaics".

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Biomass for Energy and the Environment
Proc. of the 9th European Bioenergy Conference
P Chartier et al (eds)
ISBN 0 08 042849 5
1997; English

Biomass is set to play an increasing role in the supply of energy, both in the industrialised world and in developing countries, as concern for the state of the global environment grows. Large power producers are becoming increasingly involved in commercial biomass production, supported by the growing political commitment of several European countries. The 9th European Bioenergy Conference was held in Copenhagen in June 1996, attended by around 700 delegates from 45 countries. The proceedings contain 350 state-of-the-art papers on topics ranging from primary production of biomass, through processes for power production, to market, economic and policy aspects of bioenergy.

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Solar Energy Houses Strategies, Technologies, Examples
IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme
A-G Hestnes, et al (eds)
ISBN 1 873936 69 9
1996; English

Passive and active solar strategies together with the adoption of energy conservation measures and the integration of new materials and technologies can lead to dramatic reductions of 75-90% in the energy consumption in domestic buildings. The objective of Task 13 of the IEA's Solar Heating and Cooling Programme was to advance solar building technologies and demonstrate this potential by designing and constructing buildings that met very low energy consumption targets while maintaining a good indoor climate. Experts from 15 member countries met to pool ideas and evolve design strategies. The strategies are described in Part 1 of the book, the technologies in Part 2, and Part 3 describes 15 experimental houses, built in very different climates.

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Energy Policies of IEA Countries
International Energy Agency
The IEA regularly undertakes studies of the energy developments in all 24 member countries, carried out by peer reviews conducted on a four-year cycle by teams of experts from IEA member countries. The 1997 reports on Australia and New Zealand are now available:

Energy Policies of IEA Countries Australia 1997 Review
pp145; ISBN 92 64 15450 7; 1997; English
Price: FF 225; US$ 44.

Energy Policies of IEA Countries New Zealand 1997 Review
pp109; ISBN 92 64 15498 1; 1997; English
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During 1997, other countries being reviewed include Belgium, Norway and Turkey.

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