Dr Hoagy Kim
President of RaCER, Korea



Poor in indigenous energy sources, Korea has to resort almost entirely to imports to meet its energy demand. It is therefore the primary aim of the government to alleviate this foreign dependence by establishing a secure and stable supply of energy. Development of an adequate mix of energy technologies, with special attention to renewables, is the essential and fundamental way to achieve this aim.

In an effort to organise national energy R&D activities in a concerted manner, a 10-Year National Energy R&D Plan (1997-2006) was established at the end of last year by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy with the active participation of the R&D  Management Centre for Energy and Resources (RaCER). The Plan has two major targets for the year 2006: 10% reduction of the total national energy consumption; and provision of 2% of energy needs from renewable energy sources. An important part of the national programmes under the Plan is the support of demonstration projects with industry as a major partner, which are providing valuable experience and developing markets for the new technologies.

The new energy and energy conservation techology programmes in Korea can benefit from access to international data and experience gathered through organisations such as the IEA. The international links through the CADDET network are particularly useful. The organisation of the Korean National Team for CADDET activities is based at RaCER located in Seoul. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the CADDET Centre for Renewable Energy, located at ETSU in the United Kingdom, for its fine work in
producing such useful products as Newsletters and Technical Brochures. It is my sincere wish that the National Teams including RaCER will further strengthen their co-operation with ETSU to stimulate world-wide development of renewable energy technologies.

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