Large PV order for BP Solar Australia

The Philippines government has commissioned Sydney-based BP Solar Australia to design, supply and install more than 1,000 power supply systems in remote regions of the country over a three-year period. The contract, worth almost $40 million (where $ is the Australian dollar), covers installation in some 400 villages in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Electricity generated by the systems will benefit upwards of a million people by enabling major improvements in hospital facilities and schools. Community health will also be improved through provision of more widespread immunisation facilities and clean drinking water. The PV packages will be manufactured at BP Solar Australia's Sydney factory.

PV in the Sydney Olympic village

In what will be the largest residential photovoltaic development in the world, Sydney will get up to 665 houses equipped with rooftop photovoltaic power systems as part of the Olympic Village being built for the games in the year 2000. Under the plan government-owned power generation utility Pacific Power will build, own, operate and
maintain the photovoltaic systems. Pacific Power aims to make a commercial return on the power generated by the systems, and has assumed all the financial risk associated with their construction. Each home will have at least a kilowatt of photovoltaic capacity, about 10 m2 of collector area. The anticipated cost is $5 million, or about $7,500 per house, and between 500 and 665 homes will be built under the contract. The houses will also incorporate passive solar design, gas-boosted solar water heating and an energy-efficient appliance package.

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