Renewable Energy Industry Survey on Present and Future Contribution to the Australian Economy
Australian Government Publishing Service
1997; English

In 1995/96 it is estimated that the Australian renewable energy industry employed about 6,400 people and produced about $850 million worth of goods and services, of which $100 million worth were exported (where $ is the Australian dollar). Renewable energy contributed about 263 PJ or about 6% of Australia's total primary energy demand. Australia's Department of Primary Industries and Energy has worked closely with the renewables industry to draw together the available statistics on renewables production, sales, exports and employment. The resulting information is presented in this review, which is seen as a first step in promoting renewables in Australia.

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Climate Change and the Energy Sector: A country-by-country analysis of national programmes
FT Energy
ISBN 1 85334 371 4 (vol 1)
ISBN 1 85334 761 2 (vol 2)
1997; English

This two-volume report summarises the current national climate change programmes of EU and non-EU OECD countries. The report assesses the impact of existing and future climate change policies on the energy sector and provides an insight into the direction that new and tougher climate-related policies could take. Volume 1: The European Union looks at the implications of the next stage of climate controls, which will have a profound effect on the energy and transport sectors of most EU countries. Volume 2: Non-EU OECD Countries gives a comprehensive assessment the national programmes of the seven non-EU OECD countries that are members of Annex 1 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. All these countries have declared their intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2000.

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