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Small-scale domestic wind turbines

More and more people are interested in producing clean energy in their own back gardens. Several Danish wind turbine manufacturers have developed domestic wind turbines to meet this market. The turbines have been tested by the Test Station for Wind Turbines, Research Centre Risø.

Calorius has invented a two-bladed, 12.5 m high domestic heat-producing wind turbine. The heat is produced in a 5 kW water brake and is used for domestic hot water or for space heating purposes.

Genvind has developed a 22 kW electricity-producing turbine based on recent research in the wind energy sector. Special attention has been given to reducing the noise level from the rotor and gear unit. The blades are made from laminated wood. The electricity-producing 5.5 kW and 11 kW wind turbines from Gaia Wind Energy are designed with a moveable rotor which adjusts to the wind instead of catching the gust as conventional wind turbines do.

Windmission has designed a new rotor concept named Windflower DK. It is based on super wind roses which have been developed for high-efficiency electricity production. The electricity is generated from induction generators or permanent magnetised generators.

These wind turbines are suitable for use at private houses, farms, small companies and in remote areas.

For more information contact the CADDET Danish National Team in Tølløse.

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