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International Wind Power Development ­ World Market Update 1997

BTM Consult ApS
1998; English

This is the third annual International Wind Power Development report first published in 1995. The World Market Update 1997 gives detailed information on the current status and recent major events in the international wind industry. The Update deals with market development seen from both the demand and supply sides including market shares, forecasts and estimates.

A special section of the World Market Update 1997 is devoted to offshore development of wind farms, dealing with present offshore power installations, current plans and future expectations. World Market Update 1997 is an important source of information on wind power development and is available from:

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New Renewable Energy: Norwegian Developments

F. Salvesen (Ed)
The Research Council of Norway and NVE
1998; English

A short introduction to new renewable sources of energy with a focus on the Norwegian activities and important Norwegian industries. Norway has a unique energy situation compared to most other countries. Practically all the electricity is generated from renewable hydropower, which meets 50% of the national energy demand. Norway has been a petroleum exporting country since 1975, and the production of oil and gas is equal to 15 times the national oil consumption. The level of hydropower utilisation is coming closer to its limitations, and climate change questions make it necessary to develop more sustainable and climate-neutral energy sources. The former and present Norwegian government have stated that the domestic electricity demand should be met by renewables in a normal year. Together with hydropower, new renewable energy sources have to play a significant role to reach this goal.

The booklet covers solar, biomass, wave and wind energy. Sources such as geothermal, OTEC, tidal water, small hydro, heat pumps, stirling engines and energy from salt gradients are also described. The term 'new renewable' is used to distinguish between the new technologies and large hydropower plants which, although renewable, are considered in Norway to be conventional technologies.

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Solar Energy Activities in IEA Countries 1997

P Murphy Kunz (Ed)
1998; English

Environmental issues continue to be the driving force for the development of alternative energy technologies in IEA member countries. Solar energy is widely seen as an excellent option for achieving CO2 emission reduction objectives and protecting the environment. In May 1997, member countries of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme participated in the 6th National Programme Review Workshop ­ a chance to share information on their national solar energy programmes, market and technology developments and related issues. Presentations focused on solar heating, cooling, daylighting and building integrated photovoltaic technologies. The participants also looked tothe future of solar energy in their countries. This publication brings together the national reports that were presented to the workshop, together with an overview and summary, published in order to disseminate the information provided by the participants to the wider solar energy community.

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