The GREENTIE Directory
- the supplier database of greenhouse gas mitigating technologies

The Directory database contains information on over 9,000 suppliers around the world whose clean energy technologies help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Additionally, the Directory also contains entries on a range of leading international organisations and IEA programmes whose RD&D and information dissemination
activities centre around clean energy technologies.

All Directory entries are screened using defined quality criteria before being added to the master database. These entries are then classified according to a list of 105
technologies. This list, developed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), targets priority technologies that are economically viable and have
world-wide potential for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Each entry contains contact details, an organisational profile, and a technology and products and
services classification. The technologies are grouped into the following categories: fossil fuel, nuclear, renewable, energy-transfer, industrial, buildings and
transportation technologies, agricultural and forestry practices, and other waste technologies.

Accessible to all information users

Free access to the GREENTIE Directory can be gained from GREENTIE's Home Page at
If you do not have Internet access, the GREENTIE Directory on diskettes for Windows, or the Directory on CD-ROM for Windows, is available at no charge from
the GREENTIE Centre.

Supplier data is updated quarterly on the Internet and the CD-ROM is updated annually. If you prefer diskettes, you may choose how often you would like to
receive updates - these are available as frequently as once a quarter. GREENTIE also publishes a quarterly newsletter, called GREENTIMES, which is distributed
free of charge and will keep you up to date on Directory and participating country news.

How to use the Directory

If you have an Internet connection, search through the Directory by accessing GREENTIE's home page at
The user-friendly screens have been designed to give you quick access to specific information. A keyword search function is available on the home page. Type in
certain keywords (eg compact fluorescent lights) and the search result will be a list of suppliers around the world. Click on "Assisted search" from the home page to
conduct a more detailed search (eg compact fluorescent lights sold in Eastern Europe). The search functions are very similar for all three GREENTIE Directory
products: the Internet site, the diskettes, and the

For more information contact the GREENTIE Centre at the following address:

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PO Box 17
6130 AA Sittard
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-46-4202203
Fax: +31-46-4510389
Email: greentie@greentie.org Caddet Product News

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