Large-scale implementation of off-shore wind turbines
Denmark has over the last decades become a leading wind turbine supplier with extensive know-how and experience. Today, more than 4,400 wind turbines with a total capacity of more than 1,000 MW are located throughout the country. A part of the effort for promoting the use of wind power has also included the promotion of off-shore wind turbines: In 1991, the world's first off-shore wind farm located off Vindeby which is made up of eleven 450 kW wind turbines became operational.

At the WWF conference in Washington on 29th September 1997, the Danish Minister for Environment and Energy took this development a step further by announcing an unprecedented large-scale introduction of five off-shore wind farm areas containing a total capacity of 750 MW made up of 500 1.5 MW wind turbines. These are planned to be installed before the year 2008. The initiative will help boost the share of wind generated energy from around 6% to an expected 14% of the total Danish energy consumption by the year 2010. The long-term goal is a capacity of 4,000 MW generated by off-shore wind turbines by the year 2030.

Waveplane a breakthrough for wave power?
A new wave power device, the 'Waveplane' has been invented in Denmark. An outstanding feature of the device is its simplicity it has no moving parts, other than the
turbine and generator. Trials in the North Sea suggest that the Waveplane has an efficiency of around 60%.

The Waveplane is a wedge-shaped floating device, moored to an anchor block. It is equipped with a damping device to reduce vertical motion as it operates by cutting the wave in 'horizontal slices'. This unique feature maintains both the potential and kinetic energy in the wave, and this is the reason for the Waveplane's high efficiency.

A Danish utility has shown interest in the project, and will construct the first sea-operating prototype Waveplane, in the North Sea off Jutland in the next few months. If this is successful, two full-sized Waveplanes will be launched during 1998, with electricity delivery starting in 1999.

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