Mini-Review of Energy from Crops and Crop Residues
A report on Energy from Crops and Crop Residues is now available from CADDET Renewable Energy Technologies. Containing the findings of an international panel of experts from eleven countries (Australia, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States), the report provides a status on the current situation and advises on the needs for future work in this area.

Any crop may be grown to produce energy. Typically traditional food crops, dedicated energy crops, or residues from crops grown for other markets are being considered for energy purposes.


From these sources solid, liquid or gaseous biofuels may be derived. This review covers biomass resources ranging from novel dedicated energy crops, traditional food crops, agricultural residues and forestry residues.

Contributions from the eleven countries are compiled to identify and compare national policies, barriers to the deployment of biomass energy, environmental considerations and current market enablement mechanisms. Part of the report is dedicated to describing the different biomass resources and the conversion mechanisms used. Some case studies of recent projects are also included.

The study identifies the needs for further work on the analysis and dissemination of high quality information in the area of energy production from crops and crop residues.

How to get your copy

The Mini-Review report is available to people in CADDET member countries through their National Teams (see addresses on the back cover). If you are from a non-member country, copies are available from the CADDET Centre (see address on the back cover) at a cost of 15 UK pounds each.

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