Mr Ron Bowes US Delegate and Vice-chairman of the CADDET Executive Committee

The United States government strongly endorses the Climate Technologies Initiative as a planet-wide vehicle for aiding in the deployment of climate-friendly technologies such as renewable energy.

As a supporter of the CTI, the US actively participates in networking programmes for the exchange of technical information on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the promotion of newly-developed efficient and renewable sources of energy across the world. Co-operating with other concerned nations to share information and provide technical assistance in the deployment of renewable energy technologies through such programmes as CADDET is vital to the future of our world's climate.

The contribution of renewable energy to the US energy supply has been growing since 1970, when essentially all renewable energy came from hydroelectric power (used to generate electricity) and wood (for space heating, industrial processes and power generation). At that time, renewable energy represented about 6% of the total energy supply. By 1990, renewable energy provided about 8% of the nation's energy needs, with substantial contributions from geothermal power plants, municipal waste-to-energy plants, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal devices and alcohol fuels. Technical performance improvements coupled with an effective public awareness programme can significantly influence the deployment of several of these new technologies. Such a programme might raise the contribution from renewable energy sources to over 25% by the year 2030.

The government's energy programme is managed through the Department of Energy, which supports a wide range of activities in energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides the focus for the US National Team for CADDET renewable energy activities. The CADDET programme, which is now three years old, is reaching an important stage in its development and is making a significant contribution towards the exchange of high quality information in renewable energy technologies across the world.

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