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  1. Melting Snow on Roads using Geothermal and Solar Heat
  2. Technology Draws Geothermal Heat from Subsurface Rock
  3. Modular Geothermal Electricity Power Station
  4. Geothermal System Supplementing a Waste-fuelled CHP Plant in Thisted
  5. Atlanta Solar Demonstration Home Draws on 30 Energy-related Technologies
  6. Advanced Designs for Geothermal Power Plants
  7. Geothermal Turbine Increases Power with Biphase Method and Backpressure Component
  8. Geothermal Power System Using Organic Rankine Cycle Engine in a Remote Area
  9. Japan's Largest Geothermal Plant
  10. Multi-Purpose Utilisation of Geothermal Energy

Technical Brochures

52: Biphase Turbine at a Geothermal Well: Economic Benefits, (USA)

A biphase turbine applied to a geothermal well can produce power from  both the steam and the brine flow, providing up to 40% more power. After scaled-down trials, a full sized (0.76  m diameter) turbine was installed at a geothermal well in Mexico which has a relatively high inlet pressure. The project has demonstrated the commercial viability of biphase power production and the installation of similar  plant is being considered for several geothermal wells world wide. (Printed 1997)

76: Geothermal and Solar Heat Used to Melt Snow on Roads, (Japan)

A snow-melting system uses downhole heat exchangers, a heat pump and heating  pipes buried under a road. The system's main heat source is geothermal  heat contained in the shallow earth; solar heat, stored in summer, is also used. The system is cheap to operate and has reduced the annual energy  consumption for snow melting by 84%. (Printed 1998)

101: The Largest Geothermal Power Station in Japan (and Effective Use of Hot Water)

The town of Kokonoe-machi in the Kyushu province of Japan has three geothermal power stations with a combined energy  output of  147.5 MW.  One of these is the largest in Japan, at 110 MW capacity.  To ensure that the community takes full benefit from the resource, the town pursues a policy to exploit the geothermal hot water for the  development of agriculture, tourism and other uses.  Thus, the hot water is used for glass-house horticulture, space heating and domestic hot water.

122: Advanced Condensers for Geothermal Power

The world's largest producer of geothermal power has installed a an advanced direct-contact condenser in one of its generating units, increasing the potential generating capacity of the unit by about 17%.  At the same time, the chemical costs of emissions abatement were halved.  The same technology could be used in any industrial process that generates steam or vapours. (Printed 2000)

Newsletter Articles

3/95 Demonstration of a 100 kW-class Geothermal Power Generation System - Japan
Efficient Use of Geothermal Hot Water - also in pdf format
3/98 New condensers for geothermal power - also in pdf format

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