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AGORES the European Commission Website for Renewable Energy Sources - This site  is designed to be the European information centre and knowledge gateway for renewable energy, helping to promote the European Union's strategy to achieve 12%  of RES by 2010.

ATLAS - The ATLAS Project is a major initiative aimed at establishing an information base to support energy Research and Technological Development (RTD) strategy, which has been undertaken by the European Network of Energy Agencies (EnR) on behalf of Directorate General XVII of the European Commission.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) - U.S. Department of Energy site for renewable and energy efficient technologies.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - USA's leading center for renewable energy research, NREL is developing new energy technologies to benefit both the environment and the economy. This site includes a useful section on the fundamentals of renewable energy.

The World-wide Information System for Renewable Energy (WIRE) - WIRE is an ambitious collaborative led by the International Solar Energy Society which offers documents, news, and a wealth of links and discussion forums about renewable energy issues, all with an international focus. WIRE also allows interested parties to contribute by sending links or announcements for publication.

EuroREX - EuroREX is devoted to the promotion of renewable energy in Europe. EuroREX provides commercial, investment, export, country and technology information with up-to-date news on sustainable and alternative energy developments in Europe and the rest of the world.

European Financial Guide for Renewable Energy - Focus on Biomass
This guide offers extensive information on subsidy schemes, low-interest credit possibilities, pay-back arrangements, fiscal incentives, feed-in regulations, set-aside regulations and adresses of public and private investment funds. This project was financed by the European Commission under the Altener programme.

PRESSEA - The objective of PRESSEA is to collect and disseminate information that is of high importance to the public and private sector involved in renewable energy in South East Asia (SEA) and the European Union. It also seeks to establish a renewable energy information network that facilitates information exchange between potential partners in the development, promotion, and utilisation of renewable energy sources and technologies. PRESSEA provides a platform for project opportunities and people in ASEAN and EU "to meet and match"

Green Energy News - Green Energy News is a free access information source for news relating to clean, efficient and renewable energy, its applications, technology and relevant issues.

AD - NETT - is a network of professionals working in anaerobic digestion of agro-industrial wastes in Europe and Canada.  Its prime motive is to enable exchange of information and experience and to disseminate this information to relevant organisations, such as potential users and developers.

The Biomasster gives an overview of activities in the Netherlands in the area of bio-energy. Attention is given to the policy of bio-energy, to institutes and projects which deal with research and development of bio-energy, and to the implementation projects in the Netherlands.

European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES) - EUFORES - is an independent, non-profit making organisation that aims to promote the use of renewable energy

Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (RIET) - RIET  is a regional not-for-profit organisation facilitating environmental business in Asia and matching the Asian demand for environmental best practices with the economic co-operation interest of the most advanced countries.

The Solutions Site - Presents readily accessible peer-reviewed answers to problems in environment, health, population and development from which others can benefit and are benefiting.

Renewable Energy Advocates - Renewable Energy Advocates believe that the key for greater energy development in Solar Electric (photovoltaic), Wind (turbines), Biomass (bioenergy), Geothermal, and Energy Efficiency is through information sharing. We hope you find our resources on power generation, sustainability, and fossil fuels environmental issues (i.e., global warming) helpful.

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) - The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) promotes wind energy as a clean source of electricity for consumers around the world.

International market place for Windpower - a website that aims to bring together the world’s companies, trade associations and professionals on one website.

SAGE (Sustainability Action Group Exchange) - a UK organisation set-up to disseminate information about sustainability.

Alternative Technology Asociation - A "grass roots" organisation promoting EE/RE ideas to the domestic,alternative and small business markets.

Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) - The organisation within the Australian Government that promotes and legislates on greenhouse issues.

Australian sustainable energy - University of New South Wales site. UNSW is at the forefront of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal development. This site has info on solar and other RE technologies.

Energy Research and Development Information Centre - Another UNSW site, a list of who's researching what.

The Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) - Murdoch University site (Perth, Western Australia). ACRE brings together research capabilities and market knowledge for the commercialisation of renewable energy systems.

Australian Renewable Energy Website - An AGO site dealing specifically with renewable energy.

PV Portal - Provides access to up-to-date knowledge of PV market developments worldwide.

Greenprices  - Independent website on green energy in Europe, with suppliers, products, prices, large users and news.

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