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Other IEA Information Centres ETDEWEB - Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) - The Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) is a program of the International Energy Agency (IEA). We are proud to present ETDE World Energy Base our new tool for disseminating the energy research and technology information that we collect and exchange.

The Climate Ark - Climate Change Search Engine. Dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses Global Climate Change through reductions in carbon and other emissions, energy conservation, alternative energy sources and ending deforestation. 

Swedish Council for Building Research, BFR  - The overall aim of the activities of the Swedish Council for Building Research is to contribute to enhancing and developing the quality of the built environment in order to support sustainable development and to strengthen the economy, welfare and international competitiveness of Sweden.

Swedish National Energy Administration - The Swedish National Energy Administration is Sweden's national authority on issues regarding the supply and use of energy. The Administration's main task is to promote a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable supply and use of energy. It does so by supporting research on renewable energy sources and technology procurement of energy-efficient products and by providing investment support for the development of renewable energy.

Swecol - Swecol, Swedish Centre for Ecological Sustainability, is a governmental authority that started its activities in June 1999.
The aim of the centre is to encourage  development towards a sustainable society and to inspire to new initiatives in ecological sustainability by turning research findings and ideas of sustainability into practice.

Solar Energy Association of Sweden

Swedish Bioenergy Association, SVEBIO - SVEBIO, The Swedish Energy Association, is a member-financed, non-profit, trade association founded in 1980. SVEBIO works objectively for the increased use of bioenergy in environmentally-considerate and optimal ways. SVEBIO works with commercial policy and development activities including exchange of information and knowledge.