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  1. Passive Solar at DeMontford University Engineering Building
  2. Light Tunnel For Natural Daylighting of an Australian School
  3. Passive Solar Design Provides Natural Ventilation and Daylighting in Zurich Building
  4. Passive Solar Energy System in a Day Care Centre
  5. Solar Air Collector Increases Air Temperature in Steel Warehouse and Improves Working  Conditions
  6. Passive Solar Energy at the Norwegian Institute of Technology
  7. Solar and Wind Energy used in an Office Building in Almere, The Netherlands
  8. An Extension to the Basler Mission Uses Passive Solar Energy and a Gas-engine-driven  Heat Pump
  9. Solar Heated Roof Cavity Provides Cheap Heating for Drying Air for Flower Bulbs
  10. The Urban Villa' - Passive Solar Energy in the Netherlands
  11. New Apartment Blocks with Active and Passive Solar Energy Features with Acceptable Investment  Costs
  12. Solar One - Australia's First Residential Grid-interactive Photovoltaic System
  13. The Choufu Municipal Gymnasium - Underground Building with Passive Solar Features
  14. Solar House. A Conventionally Styled but Low Energy Consumption Home and Office
  15. Passive and Active Solar, Photovoltaics and Wind Energy Demonstrated in a Showcase House
  16. Cheyenne Botanic Garden Demonstrates Passive Solar Heating
  17. Navajo Hogans Blend Passive Solar with Culturally Relevant Architecture
  18. City Refurbishment Project Includes Active and Passive Solar Heating
  19. The Sun Factor' - Passive Solar in the Netherlands s
  20. Atlanta Solar Demonstration Home Draws on 30 Energy-related Technologies
  21. Active Solar Panels and Passive Solar Design Contribute Towards an Ecologically  Friendly House
  22. Transpired Solar Collector for Space Heating and Crop Drying
  23. Transparent Insulation Material Used on Student Residences at Higher Latitudes
  24. Passive Solar Design for ACTEW Energy Efficient Display Home
  25. Plus Energy House. Integration of a Greenhouse into a Residential Building
  26. Environmentally Sound Solution for Co-operative Housing with Solar Heating and Scrap  Wood Burning
  27. Second Generation Passive Solar Energy Houses in the Subsidised Housing Sector
  28. Solar Home Uses Phase Change Walls
  29. Solar Heating for Moderately-priced Swiss Flats
  30. Climate Matching Site Planning Including Model and Full-scale Experiments
  31. Energy-Self Supporting Solar House

Technical Brochures

27: A Zero-energy House in the Netherlands

A Dutch energy consultant has developed and demonstrated a house designed to produce as much  energy as it consumes. Energy consumption was reduced by insulation, minimising the surface/volume ratio, reducing the window  surface area and using energy efficient equipment. The roof of the house carries 3.4  kWp in photovoltaic cells, connected to the public grid, and a 12 m2 active(thermal) solar collector. (Printed 1996)

64: Low-energy Apartments in the Netherlands

The Urban Villa project concerns 16 low-energy apartments in an  apartment block in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. The project demonstrates the technical feasibility of minimising the energy consumption of a home without sacrificing the living comfort. Domestic energy costs have been reduced  by  45 percent compared to conventional apartments of comparable size. (Printed 1998)

69: The Sun Factor - Passive Solar Design in the Netherlands

A housing project in the Netherlands was specially built to incorporate the main features of  passive solar design. Constructed in the mid-1980s, the project achieved 60 percent energy savings, and played an important role in convincing  architects and the public of the importance of passive solar design. (Printed 1998)

128 Thermal Mass Integrated into Passive Solar Homes

A house building company in Colorado has combined the "thermal mass" concept (the use of building materials that can absorb, store and release heat) with passive solar design to create sustainable, affordable and energy-efficient homes. These homes use about 48% less energy for heating than conventionally-built houses and normally require no conventional cooling systems, but cost only about 2 percent more to build. (Printed 2000)

132: Solar Wall Provides Economic Heating and Ventilation

A low-cost, high-performance solar "transpired air" collector saves over USD 4,300 in annual energy costs at a water treatment plant in Colorado. The system provides a cheap source of preheated ventilation air at an altitude of 3,000 m, and is designed for temperatures as low as -29 degrees Celsius.  The featured system is housed in a 1,171 square metre metal building, but the technology is suitable for all large commercial buildings. (Printed 2000)

131: Air-conditioning System Exploiting Natural Energy

An Environmental Technology Centre in Shiga, Japan has been designed to use natural energy to reduce its primary energy demand by 20 percent. Passive solar design features, active solar heating technology and the use of natural daylight and ventilation have been combined with a number of energy saving features. The Centre is a showcase for sustainable building techniques. (Printed 2000)

Newsletter Articles

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Low Energy House in the Alps - Switzerland
3/96 The Oxford Solar House - UK
2/97 Flat Prism Daylighting System - also in pdf format
2/97 Energy House Where Solar Collectors are Plants - also in pdf format
4/97 Vegetable Cultivation Using Solar Energy in a Cold Region - also in pdf format
4/98 Drying timber using a solar-assisted kiln - also in pdf format
3/99 Transparent solar collectors - also in pdf format
4/99 A simple, low-cost solar desalination still - also in pdf format
4/99 Towards net-energy producing buildings - also in pdf format

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