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Mini-Review of Active (Thermal) Solar Energy 1995

A report 'Mini-Review of Active (Thermal) Solar Energy 1995' is now available from CADDET Renewable Energy Technologies. Containing the findings of an international panel of experts from 10 member countries (Australia, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States), the report focuses on:

  • Current use and future trends for active (thermal) solar energy;
  • The active (thermal) solar industry, types of system used and system certification;
  • Barriers and opportunities for increasing adoption of active (thermal) solar energy (economics, public awareness/perception, incentive programmes, infrastructure/utilities, installation issues, regulations);
  • Recommendations for future work to overcome the barriers and grasp the opportunities.

The Mini-Review covered solar water and space heating for residential and commercial buildings, solar pool heating, and district heating systems. Experts from the 10 countries submitted papers and met to discuss the findings at a meeting in Copenhagen. The report provides details of their findings, and includes a compilation of the participating experts' papers. Throughout the review, close contact was maintained with the Solar Heating and Cooling Agreement of the IEA.
 The review revealed that solar thermal systems can be used in each country. While a number of barriers limit widespread adoption of the technology, the experts highlighted and discussed a number of opportunities for increasing its market share.
Obtaining the Mini-Review Report
The Mini-Review Report is available to people in member countries from their National Teams.
If you are from a non-member country, you can obtain the report from the CADDET Centre at a cost of 20 (where is the UK pound sterling).
Other Mini-Reviews
Two more Expert Meetings have been held, which reviewed current and future trends affecting wind energy and energy crops and crop residues. The reports from these meetings will be available soon. Please contact the CADDET Centre for more details.

The Register Is Going On-line

This summer the Registers from both CADDET Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programmes, will go on-line on the World Wide Web.
 The Renewable Energy Register is a database of demonstrated renewable energy projects. Each entry includes technical, economic, environmental and performance data, as well as publication references and contacts for further information. The database currently contains over 200 projects and we expect it to grow by more than 100 new entries per year.
 Web users in member countries will have free access to the two Registers at the same World Wide Web address. The address will be published in the next issue of the Newsletter, but look out for it on the CADDET Renewable Energy home page at:

Five new Technical Brochures are now available from your National Team (or from CADDET Centre if you are from a non-member country):
No. Title (Technology, Country)
A Zero-energy House in the Netherlands
 (Solar, the Netherlands)
28 Vietnam Women's Union Promotes PV Systems in Remote Areas
 (Solar Photovoltaics, USA)
29 A Multi-biofuel, Fluidised-bed, District Heating Plant in Sweden
 (Waste, Norway)
30 Standardised Solar Heating Package for Residential Buildings
 (Solar Active, Switzerland)
31 Solar Preheating for Hot Water in a Swiss Housing Estate
 (Solar Active, Switzerland)
 More brochures are in production watch out for details in the next issue.

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