Mr Philip Harrington CADDET Executive Committee Delegate for Australia

You can travel a long way and yet not go very far. Until July this year, I was working in Paris and representing Australia at meetings of the IEA, from the Governing Board to GREENTIE. Back in (freezing!) Canberra, I've been fortunate enough to take over the Energy Efficiency Branch from Peter Webb and, with that, to take on responsibility for the Australian end of CADDET and GREENTIE.

Distance is something Australians specialise in. We have little choice. However, while our wide open spaces pose many challenges, they also mean that renewable energy sources are often the most cost-effective way of providing power to the people in large tracts of the land. Similarly, our northern neighbours in Asia have an enormous and largely untapped potential for renewable energy.

To meet these domestic needs and the potential for a booming export market in renewables, Australian industry is gearing up to supply the skills, services and technologies developed from our domestic programmes for photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, geothermal, hydro, wind and water power and other renewable energy sources. All of these energy sources have been successfully tried in our rural and remote areas.

 In time, Australian industry expects to be the leading regional source of information and expertise on renewables. Naturally we see membership of CADDET as one of the best ways to supplement this knowledge and these skills with real life experience gained in other situations. In return, the Australian National Team hopes to give as good as it gets by returning through the CADDET Renewables network as much, or more, than it receives in terms of information and advice.

The new Australian administration, which took office in March this year, is giving serious attention to renewables in the context of developing, by the end of this year, a White Paper on Sustainable Energy. You can be sure I will keep you in touch with this and other developments in renewables down under.

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