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Technical Brochures

Technical Brochures

27: A Zero-energy House in the Netherlands

A Dutch energy consultant has developed and demonstrated a house designed to produce as much energy as it consumes. Energy consumption was reduced by insulation, minimising the surface/volume ratio, reducing the window surface area and using energy efficient equipment. The roof of the house carries 3.4 kWp in photovoltaic cells, connected to the public grid, and a 12 m2 active (thermal) solar collector. (Printed 1996)

64: Low-energy Apartments in the Netherlands

The Urban Villa project concerns 16 low-energy apartments in an apartment block in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.  The project demonstrates the technical feasibility of minimising the energy consumption of a home without sacrificing the living comfort. Domestic energy costs have been reduced by 45 percent compared to conventional apartments  of comparable size. (Printed 1998)

85: Novel Heat Pump System Exploits Ambient Energy

This novel heat pump system uses ambient energy, such as natural convection, wind and solar radiation.  It consists of outdoor panels, which effectively absorb and  dissipate heat; storage units, which make ice by direct expansion refrigeration; and a compressor.  The system is installed on a commercial building in Tokyo, where it is performing well.

87: Energy-supported Solar Houses

This brochure features two demonstration houses in Japan designed to be as self-sufficient in energy as possible.  The houses have grid-connected PV arrays, solar water heaters, large triple glazed windows to the south and  thermal insulation in the exterior walls.  They also utilise the thermal energy storage capacity of the concrete walls and floors.  Together, all these features have resulted in a comfortable indoor environment and significant energy savings.

89: Sustainable Technology at the Brundtland Centre Denmark

The Brundtland Centre Denmark is an exhibition and educational centre devoted to sustainable development.  Advanced technologies and new materials are used to reduce grid energy consumption and provide optimum comfort for users, including integrated PV panels, a daylighting system and the use of passive solar heating and natural ventilation.  All these technologies are incorporated in a building of outstanding architectural design.

127 Combined Solar Systems for Residential Buildings

Combined solar systems (also called "combi systems") have been installed in over 100 homes in Norway. This brochure focuses on five of these homes, which were evaluated in 1998. The combi systems' solar collectors are made from polymer materials, making them considerably cheaper than traditional solar systems.  The solar gain from one of these combi systems is typically up to 8,000 kWh/year. (Printed 2000)

145: A PV-Wind Hybrid System on Bullerö Island, Sweden

Bullerö is situated in the Stockholm archipeligo, far from the nearest electricity grid. A PV-wind power facility has been running since 1988, to meet the islands power needs. This was expanded in 1996, by enlarging hte PV part of the system and installing a monitoring system. The performance of the hybrid system was measured from 1997 to 1999, and the results show this stand-alone system to be successful. (Printed 2001)

152: Solar Pumping in India

The Indian government has initiated a nationwide programme to install 50,000 PV driven irrigation pumps . This brochure describes the pilot project, comprising 1,000 PV pumps, which provided operational experience to inform the full-scale programme. The project, which received technical and financial support from the Netherlands, has successfully demonstrated the benefits of PV pumping systems and has helped to stimulate the Indian PV industry. (Printed March 2001)

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