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  1. Wind Turbines Help New Zealand Farmers to Pump Water
  2. Novel 600kW Wind Turbine in Wales
  3. Velling Maersk Wind Farm
  4. 750 kW Wind Turbines at Halsteren Pnem
  5. Wind Turbine Powers Cornwall's Most Remote Dwelling in an Area of Outstanding Natural  Beauty
  6. Blyth Harbour Wind Farm, Nine Turbines Integrated into a Sea Wall
  7. Wind Diesel System Provides Electricity for an Off Grid Remote Farmstead
  8. Stand-alone Wind/Solar System in Odoorneveen
  9. The World's First Off-shore Wind Farm
  10. Passive and Active Solar, Photovoltaics and Wind Energy Demonstrated in a Showcase Houe
  11. Photovoltaics and Wind Turbines Power Off-shore Pilot Training Monitoring Systems for  the S Navy
  12. Native Americans Tap North Dakota Wind with US Department of Energy Funding Assistance
  13. 5 MW Off-shore Wind Farm
  14. Wind Turbine Generator Linked to Diesel Electricity Supply System in a Low-wind Regime
  15. Solar and Wind Energy used in an Office Building in Almere, The Netherlands
  16. Wind Energy Powers Longley Dairy Farm
  17. Carno Windfarm, 33.6 MW, one of the Most Powerful in Europe
  18. Collaborative Project Provides Wind-diesel Hybrids to Northern Territories of Russia
  19. Wind/Photovoltaic Hybrid Powers Secondary School in Trinidad
  20. First Wind Farm with Hub Heights of 70 metres
  21. Noise Reducing Blade Profiles on a Commercial 1 MW Wind Turbine
  22. IJsselmij Wind Farm with 300 kW Turbines
  23. The 'Molens voor Milieu' Wind Farm, Partly Financed by the Public
  24. The Terschelling Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Project
  25. 50 Wind Turbines in a Row Along a Dyke near Urk in the Netherlands
  26. A Wind Farm on a Former Work Island in the Netherlands
  27. Four by 250 kW Turbine Wind Farm on Texel Island in The Netherlands
  28. Farmers Harvest Wind Energy with a Lagerwey Wind Turbine
  29. First Gearless 750 kW Turbine, in Nieuwe Tonge
  30. Wind Energy for Lighting a Remote Railway Station
  31. Commercial Wind Turbine Uses Flexible Blade-to-hub Construction
  32. Public Investment Supports Wind Turbines for the Environment
  33. A 7.2 MW Wind Farm at Rhyd-y-Groes on Anglesey
  34. 2 MW Wind Farm at Esperance
  35. A 4.8 MW Wind Farm at Kirkby Moor, Cumbria
  36. Large Scale, 103 Turbine, 31 MW Windfarm in Montgomeryshire, Wales
  37. Royd Moor, a 6.5 MW Wind Farm in South Yorkshire
  38. Wind Power at Wansbeck Low-energy Hospital
  39. Ovenden Moor, a 9 MW Wind Farm in Yorkshire
  40. St Breock, a 5 MW Wind Farm in Cornwall
  41. Coal Clough, a Wind Farm in Complex Hilly Terrain in Lancashire
  42. A Vertical-axis Wind Turbine Capable of Working in Low-velocity and Turbulent Wind Conditions
  43. Iowa Community School Plugs Into Wind Power for Education and Savings
  44. Delabole Wind Farm, Britain's First. A 4MW development in an Area of Great   Landscape alue
  45. Cemmaes, a 7.2 MW Wind Farm Situated on an Elongated Plateau
  46. Haverigg, a 1.1 MW Wind Farm on the Site of a Disused Airfield
  47. A 3 MW Wind Farm at Great Orton
  48. Wind-powered Fibre Optic Link for Remote Areas
  49. Wind Turbine Provides Electricity for a Remote Farm Within a National Park
  50. Muroto Wind Power Plant Sited in the Highest Wind-speed Area in Japan
  51. The Demonstration of Electricity Generation at Tappi Wind Park
  52. Anglesey in the UK Increases its Wind Farm Capacity with a 5.6 MW Site at Trysglwyn
  53. Wind Turbine at Abbey Produce, Huntingdon
  54. Wind Turbine Demonstrates Green Pricing
  55. cottishPower's Northern Ireland Windfarms
  56. Scotland's Largest Wind Farm - Windy Standard, 21.6 MW
  57. Wind Energy for Dotterel Cottage Pig Farm
  58. The Chelker Reservoir 1.2 MW Wind Farm in North Yorkshire
  59. Norrekaer Enge 1 and 2 Wind Farm
  60. Performance Improvements Make Wind Power Economic at Altamont Pass
  61. Single Wind Turbine Provides Electricity for a Farm and the Grid
  62. Wind Generated Electricity for an Isolated House on Dartmoor
  63. Carland Cross, a 6 MW Wind Farm in Cornwall
  64. Cold Northcott Wind Farm, 21 Turbines Integrated into a Farming Location in Cornwall
  65. Utility Works to Verify the Performance of 6 MW Wind Farm
  66. The Tjaereborg Project Demonstrating Large Wind Turbines
  67. 24 MW Inland Wind Farm at Rejsby Moor
  68. Pure Energy - Selling Renewable Energy to Customers Through the Electricity Grid
  69. Wind Power Demonstration Project at Cheju Island
  70. Single Wind Turbine at Century Steels Ltd, Yorkshire
  71. The World's Largest Stall-regulated Wind Turbine
  72. Waverly Light and Power Points Turbine into Midwestern Winds
  73. Bessy Bell Wind Farm in Northern Ireland
  74. Wind Farm Connected to the Grid at Vikna
  75. Blood Hill Wind Farm, Norfolk
  76. Novar Wind Farm - Scotland's First in the Highlands and the UK's most Northerly
  77. Huxley Hill Windfarm
  78. Finland's First Cold-Climate Windfarm
  79. Nordic 1000 Windturbine
  80. Siddick and Oldside Windfarms
  81. Thursday Island Windfarm
  82. Heat Producing 5kW Domestic Wind Turbine
  83. Llyn Alaw Windfarm
  84. Cark Windfarm
  85. The Breamlea 64KW Grid Connected Wind Generator
  86. 22KW Electricity Generating Wind Turbine for Medium Scale Applications
  87. 11KW Domestic Wind Turbine with Moveable Nacelle
  88. 4KW Domestic Wind Turbine with Induction Generator
  89. Costa De Cocos 11KW Wind Diesel Hybrid System
  90. The RES 1MW Wind Turbine
  91. Rheidol Wind Farm
  92. Great Eppleton Wind Farm
  93. Ice Road Used For Erecting First Finnish Offshore Wind Power Plant
  94. Wind Power for Curacao

Newsletter Articles

1/93 Wind Energy in the Netherlands
1/93 Development of Wind Farms in England and Wales
1/94 The World's First Offshore Windfarm - Denmark
2/94 Wind Energy in Norway
4/94 Wind Farming in Northern Ireland under the NFFO
1/95 Australia's First Commercial Wind Farm
1/95 Developing Wind Technology for the Arctic Climate - Finland
1/95 Swiss Plans for Two Wind Farms
2/95 Wind Power Generation in a Cold, Snowy Climate - Japan
2/95 Wind Power - the Near-term Renewable - USA
4/95 Lightning Protection of Wind Turbine Generator Systems - Norway
4/95 Large Wind Energy Systems - IEA
1/96 New Zealand's First Wind Farm
2/96 Denmark's Second Off-shore Windfarm
2/96 Swedish Wind Pioneers Make a Come-back
3/96 Lely Wind Farm, the Netherlands
1/97 Small Utility Rallies Wind Support in Midwest USA
1/97 Europe's Largest Wind Farm
3/97 Scotland's Largest Wind Farm - also as pdf format
3/97 Wind Energy Implementation During 1996 - also as pdf format
3/98 Arctic wind power - also as pdf format
4/98 Offshore wind energy: full speed ahead - also in pdf format
2/99 US power industry and wind get acquainted - also in pdf format
2/99 Ice road used to build offshore wind turbine - also in pdf format
3/99 Swedish wind energy goes offshore - also in pdf format
4/99 First wind farm on the Gulf of Finland - also in pdf format
1/00 Suorva arctic wind turbines in northern sweden - also in pdf format
2/00 The world's largest commercially-built wind turbine - also in pdf format
2/00 Limestone quarry becomes a wind farm - also in pdf format

Technical Brochures

1: Wind Farm on a Disused Airfield, Haverigg, UK

Five 225 kW turbines were installed and began operating in 1992. The output of 3 GWh of electricity was fed into the electricity grid in the first year of  operation. The  project was sited in an area of low environmental impact and provided an economic stimulus to the local community. (Printed 1994)

13: The World's First Off-shore Wind Farm sited in Denmark

The world's first off-shore wind farm of  eleven 450 kW turbines has been in operation since 1991 near Vindeby, in Denmark. The installation has provided valuable experience and information about the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a wind farm  positioned to overcome planning constraints and limited land resources. The wind farm is expected to produce about 12 GWh each year, enough electricity for about 3,500 single-family homes. (Printed 1995)

14: Wind Energy Developments at Altamont Pass, USA

This brochure has been withdrawn.

15: 1 MW Stall-regulated Wind Turbine in Denmark

In 1993, a 1 MW stall-regulated wind turbine was built at Avedøre Holme, south of Copenhagen, Denmark. This type of self-regulating turbine is simpler, requires  less maintenance and service and thus may be more suitable than pitch-regulated machines for off-shore locations. The installation sited by the Avedøre Power Station was constructed to blend with the  station's architecture.  (Printed 1995)

22: Delabole Wind Farm, UK

Ten wind turbines are installed on a farm in Cornwall, in the south-west of England, with a total rated capacity of 4 MW. The turbines produce about 10-12 GWh annually.  Public attitude surveys showed that many of the people living in the area near the site who disapproved or were unsure of the concept of a wind farm before construction has changed their minds in favour of the concept after 6  months of operation. (Printed 1995)

35: Tappi Wind Park, Japan

Since April 1992, Thoku Electric Power Company has been operating a demonstration wind power station on the  windy Tsugaru peninsula in northern Japan. The station is the  largest in Japan, having 10 turbines with a total rated power output of 2,875 kW. This wind farm is located in an area with particularly strong winds (annual mean speed of about 10 m/s), and the utility has been studying its  operation since the first five turbines were commissioned in 1992. (printed 1996)

39: Denmark's Second Off-shore Wind Farm

Denmark's second (and the world's third) off-shore wind farm at Tunø Knob, 6 km off the east coast of  Jutland, started operation in October 1995. It is  providing evidence that the economics of these wind farms will steadily improve with greater experience of off-shore conditions. Comprising 10 stand-alone turbines, each of 500  kW, the wind farm produced 25% more power than expected during its first year of operation. (Printed 1996)

45: Largest Inland Wind Farm in Denmark

The 24 MW Rejsby Moor wind farm is considered to be large even  by Danish standards. Its 40  stall-regulated wind turbines are expected to produce 60 GWh/year of electricity at DKK 0.25/kWh (where DKK is the Danish krone). The wind farm was built between May and July 1995 and its total cost  is budgeted at DKK 150 million. The siting of the farm took into account the visual impact of a large wind farm in an inland coastal area. (Printed 1996)

49: Norwegian Wind Farm Located in Complex Terrain

Norway's first wind farm is  located at  Vikna, a group of islands at a latitude of 65° north. The five wind turbines have a total rated power of 2.2 MW and produce some 6 GWh/year at a cost of about NOK 0.47/kWh (where NOK is the Norwegian  krone). The area has  complex topography and this presented several challenges in designing the layout of the wind farm. (Printed 1997)

50: Wind Turbine in Japan's Highest Wind Speed Area

A 300 kW wind turbine has been erected at Muroto,  Japan. Although the area's annual mean wind speed is 6.2 m/s, well suited to electricity generation, typhoons are frequent and severe in the area with winds gusting up to 84.5 m/s. In its first  full year in operation the wind  turbine generated 512 MWh of electricity, exceeding its predicted output. (Printed 1997)

61: Lely Off-shore Wind Farm in the Netherlands

A demonstration off-shore wind farm has  been built in the IJsselmeer, a large freshwater lake in  the Netherlands. The wind farm comprises four 500 MW, two-bladed wind turbines, and produces about 3,500 MWh/year. The results of the project are of particular interest to prospective wind farm developers who have access to  shallow coastal waters. (Printed 1997)

65: The Tjæreborg Wind Turbines Project (Denmark)

Four MW-sized wind turbines are located at the same site on the west coast of Denmark. This provides a unique opportunity to compare the different designs  and to investigate a range of issues, including stall or pitch regulation. (Printed 1998)

68:  33.6 MW Wind Farm near Carno (United Kingdom)

This large wind farm is located in mid-Wales and comprises 56 turbines, each rated at 600 MW.  The wind farm provides sufficient electricity to meet the  average needs of about 25,000 homes. Special efforts at the planning stage involved close liaison with the local community, and demonstrated a strong commitment to the  environmental and economic future of the  local area. (Printed 1998)

72: Wind Power Generation at Cheju Island, Korea

A demonstration project for wind power generation has been set up at Cheju Island, in order to  assess the practical application of this  technology in Korea and to help maintain the clean environmental conditions on the island. Electricity is generated from three grid-connected wind turbines and a stand-alone turbine  equipped with a battery system and diesel generator. (Printed 1998)

106: Wind-Diesel Project Brings Renewable Energy to Northern Russia

Low-cost, off-grid renewable energy solutions are being offered to remote communities in Northern Russia, which currently rely on expensive and unreliable diesel systems.  Wind-diesel hybrid systems are being set up in several areas under a joint project by the Russian and US governments. (Printed 1999)

108: New 1 MW Wind Turbine in Sweden

This brochure features the prototype Nordic 1000 wind turbine, a two-bladed, horizontal-axis 1 MW machine which has a slender, lightweight construction similar to the smaller NWP 400 wind turbine design. The Nordic 1000 uses standard components and is 60% lighter than other turbines of the same size. (Printed 2000)

121: Wind Power for a Remote Island Community

Two 225 kW wind turbines supply about 10% of the electricity needs of a remote community on Thursday Island, 800 km off the north coast of Australia.  Wind power on the island replaces some of the diesel on which the island would otherwise rely totally.  It offers an economic benefit owing to the high cost of importing fuel to such a remote area.  Electricity production from the wind turbines exceeded expectations in the first year of operation. (Printed 2000)

124: Wind Farm in Zeebrugge Outer Harbour

This brochure features a wind farm in the North Sea, 2 km offshore in the outer harbour of Zeebrugge.  The wind farm, which now comprises 23 turbines, was built in 1986 and the electricity it generates - about 10 MWh/year - is sold to the Belgian grid. (Printed 2000)

135: An Arctic Wind Turbine in Northern Sweden

Wind turbine designs need to be modified to work in the harsh environment of the Arctic, where low operating temperatures and ice accumulation can cause problems.  A 600 kW wind turbine has had a successful fist year of operation at Suorva in Northern Sweden, generating 1,710 MWh of electricity.  The turbine operated at temperatures down to -37°C, beating all expectations.  Only 3% of the electricity produced is required to run the de-icing system. (Printed 2000)


Offshore Wind Energy - A review of the prospects for offshore wind energy is currently underway, in collaboration with Danish Energy Agency, and should be available later in 2000.

A study of wind  energy was held in Oxford during 1995 and was led by Mr Ruud de Bruijne from Novem (the Netherlands). The review concentrated on grid-connected wind turbines. A strong link was established with the IEA R&D Wind Programme  who offered  their recent data on Wind Energy and sent observers to the meeting. The final report on the study is available from the National Teams or CADDET Centre.

Last updated 20 October, 2000

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